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Theater Dance Workshop  at Actor's Dance Studio Trenton, NJ (1995-2015)     

Theater/Dance Workshop, Inc.,FORMER member of ART/NY, is a professional performing arts company THAT PRODUCED in NJ & NY FOR 20 YEARS. It producd staged readings of original works in the fall & spring, & AEA showcases in NY of plays taken from the reading series and STILL SPONSORS monthly lessons in social dance September through May AT VARIOUS LOCATIONS IN CENTRAL JERSEY AND IN THE MANASQUAN AREA. The company used the studio space at 1012 Brunswick Ave Trenton pictured above from 1995-2015 but is still active producing dance and theater events at other venues.


Theater/Dance Workshop will host a Swing Salon Oct 22, 2017 from 2-4:30pm.  Beginners' lesson, practice & refreshments.  Space is limited reservations required. $15.00.  Lesson taught by Marjorie Duryea at Atlantic Avenue Manasquan NJ.